Aperitif Pack – Lustau Papirusa

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Give yourself a luxury in your aperitif


  • 1 Bottle of Manzanilla Papirusa de Lustau of 75cl
  • 1 Can of Giant Mussels in marinade from Felisa Gourmet, 280gr
  • 1 can of Felisa Gourmet razor clams, 125gr
  • 1 Bottle of Sosegada hot Sauce,125ml
  • 1 Jar Melosa Sauce, 140gr

Wooden Box (Monolith not included)

(Shipping not included)

(Weight 3 Kg)

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Manzanilla Papirusa Lustau


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Salsa Sosegada 125 ml bottle.

Sosegada takes its time. The time needed to ferment Bird's Eye chillies with bitter orange peel and salt, macerated in the finest Sherry Vinegar, and aged in Oloroso wine to make a Gourmet sauce.

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Salsa Melosa 140 g

Creamy sauce based on fermented Bird's Eye peppers, soaked in sherry vinegar, filtered, and blended with Spanish honey. Sweet hotness transformed into a delight. A real surprise.

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A magnificent pack for you to enjoy your Aperitif

Led by an excellent Mazanilla de Sanlucar, Papirusa de Lustau. Dry, light, fresh and sharp on the palate

A couple of gourmet cans, from Felisa Gourmet, some excellent pickled mussels, giant caliber, and some delicious juicy razor clams with an excellent taste of the sea.

And a couple of our excellent sauces, Sosegada – an idea for preserves – and Melosa – so you can have it with cheese, for example -. Two of our most requested sauces

You only have to enjoy it

(Weight 3 Kg)

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 9 cm


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