Salsa Serena 125 g

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Serena holds its essence in a strong-tasting paste with more pepper and more heat, but with all the flavour and essence of Sosegada. Perfect for cooking and as a dressing, a wonderful paste to spread on meat, but also to use as a condiment in the kitchen.

The scent of Sherry Wine Cellars, evoking casks of Oloroso, its bitter orange botanicals, make this paste a unique condiment for your dishes, and for those who prefer to spread rather than season with a sauce.

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Serena is a fiery condiment, the solid essence of Sosegada, one for real “chilli fans”.

Made with the same ingredients as Sosegada and the same fermentation and blending process, it boasts all the patient ageing and aromas of the wine cellar, combined with real Bird’s Eye chilli heat.

With its convenient format, perfect for spreading, Serena goes well with meats or casseroles, to lend a (powerful) taste to stewed potatoes, or to cook up some roast chicken wings.

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