Salsa Habanera 100 ml bottle

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A sauce that offers endless uses for true chilli lovers, but as with Sosegada, goes really well with casseroles and soups, meat and fish dishes.


Our Salsa Habanera is an explosion. Fermented Habanero pepper which nonetheless leaves all its flavour intact. Sherry wines and vinegars and Seville bitter oranges temper the taste a little. A more liquid sauce for chilli lovers who want to light up rather than mask their food.

Habanera is the hottest of the Salsas Quietud sauces. Made by a similar method to Sosegada, fermenting the Habanero chilli and bitter orange peel, before adding Sherry Vinegar and a particularly generous splash of Oloroso, to combine the pungency of the Habanero with the intense, aromatic bouquet of the sherry.

We could make hotter sauces, but then they wouldn’t be so flavourful. What we are aiming for is nuance, the spirit of Quietud. 

Ingredients: Habanero Chilli (42%), Lomuyo Pepper, Sherry Vinegar, Oloroso Sherry, Bitter Orange Peel, Salt, Thickening Agent (to be decided)

Nutritional Values

  • Energy               19 kcal /79 kJ
  • Fats                                  0.4 g
  • Of which saturated fats   0.1 g
  • Carbohydrates                 3.5 g
  • Sugars                             0.8 g
  • Proteins                           0.3 g
  • Salt                                  1.7 g

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